A Practical View of Facial Hair Removal for Women

20 Nov

All through history facial hair for men has been a symbol of masculinity. As such it has been groomed, cut and brushed in many different ways.For women on the other hand, the search for facial hair removers has been equally important. Part of this is to avoid presenting to the opposite sex a symbol of masculinity.Men traditionally shave their facial hair and fashion does have on the way it is used.

During the 1850’s and onwards many men in England followed a fashion that included the use of whiskers and beards. What most people ignore is that this fashion set in as a direct result of the Crimean War.Returning officers had not shaved in months due to severe campaign limitations and thereby influenced the civilian fashion – they say copying is a form of adulation, and this the civilian population proceeded to do.

Social customs and practices can differ widely between cultures. In some facial hair is removed. We have all seen Buddhist monks in photographs, films or in the flesh. They remove not only their facial hair but also their hair from their head.In other cultures, the exact opposite occurs. For the Sikh nation, the religious adheres forbids men to remove a single hair form their heads, at any time during their lives. Their beard is carefully groomed while the hair on their head, also very carefully taken car of, is kept under a turban.On the other hand to my knowledge there is no religion or culture that expressly forbids women from removing facial hair. In fact the general attitude is to encourage this removal.The first men (after the missing link) probably didn’t remove their facial hair. On the other hand the first women probably did and if they didn’t do it themselves, their mothers did it for them.

I won’t go into the chicken and egg dilemma, but I do wonder what the first man’s mother looked like.

In men we have beards, side burns, mustaches, goatees, short beards, long beards and so on.

In women we have the overwhelming desire for no facial hair. In fact quite the opposite, for a smoothing looking and soft skin.

Facial hair removers for men are easily classified:

The wet shave, which uses a razor and shaving cream.

The electric shaver, which is used as a dry shave.

And now also a whole new range of hair removal products.

The first are also used for the general upkeep of facial hair alternatives. An electric trimmer can and is often used to groom a beard.

Different Kinds of Facial Hair

20 Nov

There are many different kinds of facial hair and all of them depend on where in the area of the face they can be found. Facial hair can grow in the upper and lower lips, the chin, cheeks, and jaw lines and just below the hair line and some other areas.

With all these styles, proper care and consideration must be taken when you are choosing a style that will go perfectly with your face. These hairs can be styled in many different looks and there are many available, low cost, low maintenance tools that you can buy in any beauty store. With all these tools, a slightest change or tweak can bring about a major change.

Let us enumerate and discuss the different kinds of facial hairs:

Those tiny, small grouped hair that can be found on the upper lip is what is called mustache. Incredibly, with that small area, it can come in staggering different kinds of styles. It can be worn as the main facial hair by itself of it can co-exist with the beard, which will be explained later in the article. Some of the famous mustache style is the “Walrus”, “Pencil” and the “Handlebar”.


Those hair that grows downwards from the hairline is what they call sideburnd and it is another well known type of facial hair that many men wore.Depending on the width or length of the hair, there are many different ways you can wear sideburns. There are types that can only span from the ear level and is long enough to reach the jaw. Some others can be long enough that can be upgraded to becoming a beard.

Beard is the first thing that comes to mind when we say or talk about facial hair. Of course, mustache too, but beard really is much more prominent. Having a beard is the most common way of having a facial hair that can also be associated to you as being a fashionista.This type of hair grows along the jaw line, chin, cheeks or the neck area. So, having perfect features of this body parts makes you a pefect candidate to sport a beard. Mustache can be styled in many different ways, this is most definitely applicable to beard too.

Beard and facial hair – Important Info

20 Nov

Facial hair is quite popular at the moment; everything from full beards to designer stubble can commonly be seen on the streets of our cities. However there’s a couple of things to consider when thinking about having facial hair in your headshot, ‘to beard or not to beard’ or is ‘moustache the question’. Headshots are about creating the right first impression and facial hair can occasionally give the wrong type of impression, it can alter people’s perception of you when looking at your headshot. You may not have considered how facial hair can alter people’s perceptions but here’s a few things to think about. There are some significant psychological influences about a man with a beard against a clean shaven man. More often than not a beard will make a man look older. For instance, adolescent boys don’t need psychologists to tell them that growing some stubble could help them look more mature, but it also turns out the ageing effects of a beard don’t disappear as you get older. A group of men and women were asked do guess the ages of men with beards and men without them -and it was found that both men and women assumed the bearded men were “significantly” older than they actually were. Not good when your playing age is late thirties and your actual age is early twenties.

So there’s a pretty good reason why wearing a beard can affect your chances of being cast, and here’s another

It’s worth considering is how a man with a beard can give the impression of being more aggressive than a clean shaven man. In a 2008 study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, British psychologists at Northumbria University manipulated men’s facial hair in photographs, giving them five degrees of beard- from clean-shaven to hairy. They then had 60 women rate them on various attributes-and found that the men with full beards scored highest for perceptions of aggressiveness as well as masculinity. The good thing noted here was the perception of masculinity in a man wearing a beard. In a 2012 study written up in the journal Behavioral Ecology, men were photographed bearded and clean-shaven while making neutral, happy, or angry expressions. The men were of a mean age of 23, so all fairly young and the bearded men were judged to be significantly more aggressive than their clean-shaven counterparts. I can guess that most guys who sport beards aren’t particularly aggressive but it’s also a fair bet that they hadn’t ever considered this.

So there’s an extra reason not to have a beard in a headshot you don’t want to be perceived as being more aggressive than you actually are. The term beard can be somewhat of a mis-description as there are many types of facial hair to be seen on the streets at the moment from thick beard to a bit of designer stubble (I am talking about thick, full beards here),OK, let’s back up a little bit and see how a hairy face effects you and your headshot, one thing that is definite is that facial hair will limit the amount of roles you would be cast for as not all character roles are suitable for wearing a beard.