A Practical View of Facial Hair Removal for Women

20 Nov

All through history facial hair for men has been a symbol of masculinity. As such it has been groomed, cut and brushed in many different ways.For women on the other hand, the search for facial hair removers has been equally important. Part of this is to avoid presenting to the opposite sex a symbol of masculinity.Men traditionally shave their facial hair and fashion does have on the way it is used.

During the 1850’s and onwards many men in England followed a fashion that included the use of whiskers and beards. What most people ignore is that this fashion set in as a direct result of the Crimean War.Returning officers had not shaved in months due to severe campaign limitations and thereby influenced the civilian fashion – they say copying is a form of adulation, and this the civilian population proceeded to do.

Social customs and practices can differ widely between cultures. In some facial hair is removed. We have all seen Buddhist monks in photographs, films or in the flesh. They remove not only their facial hair but also their hair from their head.In other cultures, the exact opposite occurs. For the Sikh nation, the religious adheres forbids men to remove a single hair form their heads, at any time during their lives. Their beard is carefully groomed while the hair on their head, also very carefully taken car of, is kept under a turban.On the other hand to my knowledge there is no religion or culture that expressly forbids women from removing facial hair. In fact the general attitude is to encourage this removal.The first men (after the missing link) probably didn’t remove their facial hair. On the other hand the first women probably did and if they didn’t do it themselves, their mothers did it for them.

I won’t go into the chicken and egg dilemma, but I do wonder what the first man’s mother looked like.

In men we have beards, side burns, mustaches, goatees, short beards, long beards and so on.

In women we have the overwhelming desire for no facial hair. In fact quite the opposite, for a smoothing looking and soft skin.

Facial hair removers for men are easily classified:

The wet shave, which uses a razor and shaving cream.

The electric shaver, which is used as a dry shave.

And now also a whole new range of hair removal products.

The first are also used for the general upkeep of facial hair alternatives. An electric trimmer can and is often used to groom a beard.